What will the Power Plant Contribute to the Region?

Our facility, which will be one of the rare power plants in Turkey with supercritical boiler combustion technology, will provide the energy our country needs and will make significant contributions to the regional economy.


This project, which will provide employment for approximately 1000 people during the three-year construction period, will provide employment for approximately 300 people directly and a total of approximately 500 personnel, including auxiliary and service provider companies, for 40 years during the operation phase.


Continuous, reliable and high-quality electrical energy production in the region will attract foreign industrial investments, contribute to the development of the country, create new jobs in the private sector and play a role in increasing per capita income.


Our power plant, with a total investment cost of 350,000,000 USD and an economic life of 40 years, will not only provide a large resource input to our country's economy, but also bring economic dynamism to the Aliağa region within its borders because special care will be shown to procuring the building materials, equipment and tools locally. Therefore, companies that procure and sell construction materials from the project, companies that sell and rent machinery and equipment, companies that maintain this equipment, catering and food companies, etc. are expected to be positively affected and a vitality is expected in the regional economy during the project.